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permission to speak

 ‘These voices are brave and real, at times self-deprecating and ironic, always fierce’.

Permission to Speak was commissioned by The Festival of Colour and premiered over 8 nights in April. The show was a sell out and received rave reviews.

The piece was created after Fiona and Jonathan conducted interviews with high school students around the country. The students were asked to speak their truths about issues prevalent to them today; Social Media, Body Image, Consent and Feminism. The script, a collection of verbatim directly from these interviews was then workshopped and devised with 20 high school students to create ‘Permission to Speak’.

Set at a local Yacht club, opening at the after-ball party, Permission to Speak includes a series of monologues, movement choreography and site specific narrative theatre.

no science to goodbye 


todo verano

GOYA Productions produced a double bill showing of Annabel Wilsons show’s ‘No Science to Goodbye’ and ‘Todo Verano’ at Te Pou Theatre in Auckland. Fiona directed the play and Jonathan produced.

About : No Science to Goodbye:

Elsie is a tempestuous young expat who returns to Wanaka to look after her terminally ill brother. She runs into her former lover Frank who is now a glaciologist – a coolly logical and rational scientist. The ensuing complications will push them to the torn edges of love, loss, risk.

About: Todo Verano:

Elsie's summer on the island of Ibiza is a season of discovery as she distances herself from her first love and her old life. Parallels between her trajectory and that of NZ writer Janet Frame emerge as she wonders where home is..